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Diagnostics in ERGASH OTA


One of the highly informative and safe methods for studying human organs and systems is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Using this method, you can visualize soft tissue in detail. It is simply indispensable in the diagnosis of the brain, in the detection of degenerative, tumor and inflammatory diseases of bones and joints, the spine, as well as intervertebral discs. Also, with the help of MRI, pelvic and vascular organs are examined.

Our medical center is equipped with the most up-to-date Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner from a leading brand. Chorus 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imager with a power of 1.5 TESLA, which diagnoses with absolute accuracy.


MSCT (or CT) is a multi-helical computed tomography. A radiation diagnostic method that allows you to achieve high detail images of the organ. Neusoft NeuViz 128-Slice CT scanner provides high-speed scanning of large areas, which facilitates the examination of severe patients in a short period of time. The method allows doctors timely and correctly diagnose, determine treatment tactics.

Using MSCT, organs are examined:
• brain;
• ENT organs;
• chest cavity (heart, coronary arteries, trachea, lungs, bronchi, esophagus, and so on);
• abdominal cavity (liver, kidneys, intestines, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, and so on);
• small pelvis (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, prostate gland, bladder and so on);
• musculoskeletal system (spine, joints).

ULTRA SOUND Diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics - recognition of pathological changes in organs and tissues of the body using ultrasound. It is based on the principle of echolocation - the reception of signals sent and then reflected from the interface of tissue media with different acoustic properties.


Ultrasound examination (ultrasound, sonography) refers to non-ionizing research methods. Due to the simplicity of execution, safety, high information content, it has become widespread in clinical practice.

Our medical center employs qualified ultrasound specialists who own various modern methods of conducting all types of ultrasound examinations, such as:
• Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, mammary glands, abdominal organs, kidneys, pelvic organs, soft tissues;
• ultrasound during pregnancy;
• Duplex scanning of blood vessels;
• All types of elastography (early diagnosis of cancer), the elastography method is an alternative to fibroscanning (diagnosis of cirrhosis);
• Ultrasound of parenchymal organs.
• 3D and 4D studies.


All studies are conducted on an ultrasound machine of the expert class Toshiba Aplio 500 Ultrasound Machine, which ensures the highest quality of images and allows to achieve the most accurate diagnostics of ultrasound research to date.

X RAY diagnostics

Digital radiography is a universal method of radiation diagnostics, in which the projection image of the anatomical structures obtained using x-ray radiation is processed digitally.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

- high quality x-ray image, the possibility of digital processing and identification of important details

- the ability to reduce the dose

- simplicity and speed of obtaining an image that becomes available for analysis immediately after exposure

- digitized storage of information makes it possible to create easily accessible and mobile X-ray archives, transmit information at any distance over a computer network

- environmental safety compared to traditional: eliminates the need to equip a darkroom and a "toxic" development process

- high quality ANKE X-ray images The device with the possibility of their backup eliminates the need for repeated procedures with additional patient exposure.

Laboratory Diagnostics

High-quality laboratory diagnostics are the basis for timely and accurate diagnosis, as well as the opportunity to monitor your health and monitor the progress of treatment, which is carried out by the doctor.

Modern equipment - DIRUI Automatic hematology analyzer BCC-3000B, the use of the latest technology and the qualified personnel of our laboratories allow us to conduct research at a high level and ensure fast reliable results.

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