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Patients Feedbacks ERGASH OTA



Yulduz AKASHOVA, a resident of Syrdarya region:

- I'd like to express my gratitude to the honorary professor and the entire medical staff. I came here with a great desire to recover from my disease. As it turned out, patients suffering from depressive syndrome are rare visitors here. A doctor in Tashkent psychiatric hospital, where I received treatment, said I would drink medicines all my life. If I stop, I will be sick. After treatment in Ergash-ota clinic, I do not take medicines for two years. I have good sleep. All this thanks to the great care of the doctor. All my family receives treatment only here. My parents got rid of their diseases in this clinic, and I come here every 6 months. I do not need any resorts, I am here to rest I haven't had children in a long time. I have had a son after I was treated here. While I was seven months pregnant, with a big belly, I continued to be treated. Everyone wondered how I could fast in such a situation, but based on experience, my child was born healthy and very smart thanks to the efforts of a qualified doctor.



Eva BRATLIE, Nuremberg, Germany:

- I was born in 1948. I live in Nuremberg for 21 years. I work at a brush manufacturing company and work with chemicals.

Since 2000, I suffer from migraine, regular headaches. The pain was accompanied by attacks, I had to call an ambulance almost every month. Then the pain in the spine appeared. Doctors found intervertebral hernia, displacement of vertebrae in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. Doctors diagnosed gastric ulcer, chronic pancreatitis and hypochromic anemia, chronic cholecystitis in the remission phase, duodenitis, giardiasis, dysbacteriosis in the bowels, lack of bacteria that process lactose (dairy products) and fructose (fruits and vegetables). One of the best gastroenterologists in Nuremberg made a survey (proctosigmoidoscopy of gaster and bowels) with a help of special expensive apparatus. I was recommended to repeat this survey every year, to be constantly under the supervision of a doctor, to follow a strict diet. I had to follow these recommendations the whole life. My life was devoted to monthly visits to specialists. Many times I passed CT scan, ultrasound tests, cardiogram. All this was the beginning of the the road to calvary. Since that time my whole life consisted of going to pharmacies, doctors and health facilities. It was some kind of nightmare.

In March 2009, I called my friend Alya. She heard my voice and guessed that something was wrong with me and asked what happened to me. I explained my condition briefly. She recommended me fasting at Dr. Berdikul's clinic. The treatment that I had with our doctors did not give positive results. I continued to be ill and suffer, so I fixated on this idea as the last chance.

After receiving a visa, in April came to Uzbekistan, began treatment at the clinic of Berdikul Ergashev. I was accepted cordially in this clinic. I immediately felt like at home. I was struck by the fact that the activities of the clinic are well organized. The doctor treats using a miraculous Malham, herbs and juice. When I started treatment, my head have already stopped hurting on the fifth day for the first time in many years. After nine years of terrible headaches, it was a miracle! Wastes began to leave my body - bilirubin stones in large volumes, and cholesterol. Their exit was accompanied by excruciating pain. There was a feeling that there is a stone quarry in the liver. And on the sixth day, a miracle happened - the doctor helped me to be born the second time. I got cancer films off my liver in three stages.

As a result of the treatment, blood pressure normalized, and cramps in the legs decreased. Strength and desire to live appeared in me. The treatment was recommended to be carried out three times. After 5 months, I returned to the clinic and continue to be treated, while cleansing my liver of cholesterol and toxins.




Raisa Ivanovna SHEKHOVTSOVA, born in Kirovograd region, Ukraine:

- Since 1980, I live in Uzbekistan, in Zarafshan. In 2001, good people advised me to come to Ergash-ota clinic with a diagnosis of gastroduodenitis, cholecystitis, myoma and a calculus in the right kidney. This diagnosis was made by doctors of Zarafshan, and it was confirmed it in the diagnostic center of the capital. I received treatment in the hospital and outpatiently. Improvements were short-lived. After taking Malham I got rid of myoma and urine calculus.

When I decided to see my doctors after the treatment, the gynecologist Balyabina spent a long time looking for my myoma and sent me to an ultrasound. Then I told her that I was treated in Kattakurgan in the Ergash-ota clinic. She threw up hands: "Being informed of your diagnosis, I did not expect that. It's just a miracle that I have to believe." After the ultrasound, the urologist was also very surprised. He said that he had heard about the clinic. Now, he believed, as that was him to prepare me to the surgery. In addition to these diseases, I treated the gastrointestinal tract. After treating in the clinic, I felt good for five years. My son and granddaughter came for treatment with me. My granddaughter had white spots on the body. We did everything according to the doctors recommendations, but unsuccessfully. Only after treatment in the Ergash-ota clinic, the spots completely disappeared. Now she is 16 years old. Disease completely gone. My son had giardiasis and back problems. He attended hospital three times a year. I took him to diagnostic center in Tashkent. After an X-ray, he was diagnosed with dislocation of vertebra. If not treated, there will be an intervertebral hernia. He was prescribed with treatment, injections, medical gymnastics - the disease receded for a short time. Only after treatment in Ergash-ota clinic, he got rid of giardiasis and restored the spine. Seven years have passed, and during this time, my son has never been in the hospital.

Now I came to treat atherosclerosis and arthrosis of the hip joints, as well to clean the gastrointestinal tract. I am sure that I will get rid of these diseases, because the doctor Berdikul Jurakulovich is treating us. He is a heaven born doctor.



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